Dinner Ideas! Ono With Turmeric Ginger Rice with Lemon Butter Sauce over Greens

 I made this for dinner last night.  I've been lagging on my blog so I decided I need to get back it.  I made Ono with rice and greens over lemon butter sauce.  I like to get creative with my rice instead of just having plain rice.  Its also good and healthy.  

First step, is to always wash your rice really good until you see the water gets clear. It's very important to wash your rice.  Once your rice is washed, add water. I grated some ginger and turmeric right into my pot.  Now, your rice is ready to cook. I been using a regular pot to cook my rice.  I've been through a few rice cookers and somehow they all broke.  I gave up buying rice cookers.  A pot works just fine.  

While your rice is cooking, I prepped on making lemon butter sauce.  I used minced garlic, butter, cream, and lemon zest and lemon juice.  Sauté on low heat. Until you see the sauce gets a little thick.

Then, after the sauce is done, put aside and sauté veggies.  Any veggies is fine.  I always need vegetables with my food. I cant just have meat and rice. Veggies are very important!!! I used veggies from my garden.  I used collard greens, ung choi, and laupele leaves.  "Laupele" leaves are Samoan spinach. Samoan spinach is an edible hibiscus found throughout Southeast Asia and parts of Polynesia.  It has really good health benefits. 

When everything is done, all you need to cook your fish.  Fish cooks really fast, so I always save that for last.  I just season my fish with salt and pepper.  Ready to cook in a pan.  I use olive oil.

Once your fish is ready to cook, ready to be plated and served.  Ready to Eat!!!

Ingredients used: 




Ono any fish is good




Olive Oil



I don't usually measure my ingredients. Just go on your taste.  Always remember not too much salt. You can always add more to your taste.

Let me know if you tried this recipe in the comment below... 

 I hope you enjoyed this food blog.  Thanks for stopping by.

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