Poached Salmon Recipe with Coconut Milk


Made this for dinner last night. Poached salmon with coconut milk. It came out so moist and very tasty. 

I failed cooking salmon a few times.

Sometimes, over cooking salmon can end up very dry. I've learned slowly cooking the salmon will turn out much more soft and moist. 

Poached salmon recipe:


Coconut milk 




Salt and Pepper 

Turn on stove and put on low heat. I turned it on to #2. Add pan to the stove. Add about 1/2 cup coconut milk. Add more if you like your food soupy. 

Thinly slice the ends of the lemongrass, and mince until fine. Put into pan with coconut milk. Grate ginger and add to coconut milk. 

Lightly season salmon with salt and pepper. Add salmon to pan with coconut milk. Zest lemon and add to pan with salmon. Top salmon with some lemon slices. Cover.

Slowly cook until salmon is done. It should be ready in about 30-45. Make sure your burner settings are on #2 or 1 1/2. Very important not to boil coconut milk or it will separate. And your fish will end up dry and rubbery. 

Once salmon is done, ready to serve. I had mines with rice and veggies. 

If you're on a diet and want to avoid carbs, mashed sweet potatoes are perfect and tasty together. 

Benefits of salmon 

Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 

Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for heart health, reducing inflammation, and supporting brain function.

High-Quality Protein:

It provides a good amount of high-quality protein, which is essential for muscle growth, repair, and overall body maintenance.Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals: Salmon is rich in B vitamins (B12, B6, niacin, and riboflavin), which are vital for energy production and reducing inflammation. It also contains a significant amount of selenium, an antioxidant that supports thyroid function and the immune system.Promotes Heart Health: Regular consumption of salmon can help reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and decrease the risk of heart disease due to its omega-3 content.

Supports Brain Health: 

Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon are linked to improved cognitive function and a lower risk of neurodegenerative diseases. It may also help with mental health issues like depression.

Beneficial for Eye Health: 

The omega-3s and antioxidants (like astaxanthin) in salmon support eye health and may help prevent age-related macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome.

Good for Skin Health: 

The healthy fats and antioxidants in salmon can contribute to a healthier complexion by reducing inflammation and promoting skin hydration.

May Aid in Weight Management: 

High in protein and healthy fats, salmon can help you feel fuller for longer, potentially aiding in weight management by reducing overall calorie intake.Incorporating salmon into a balanced diet can significantly contribute to overall health and well-being.

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