The Future is Now! Why I quit my job in 2019


The future is Now!!! There's so many jobs out there.  The question is "what do you want to do"?  Would you rather be working for a company that pays you minimum pay and slave all day? Still not enough to pay bills.  Or would you rather focus on working for yourself, make money while you sleep?  I would rather make extra income while sleeping.  I did!!! This is how it all started, when I quit my job in 2019.

I was driven to making money. Worked hard, worked long hours, worked overtime, worked all day, everyday.  Went to work sick, hungover, tired, exhausted, still made it to work. I still had to work, no excuses.  When you have bills, you need to make money to pay bills.  If you like to party, you need extra bills. I started at a young age working hard.  

I've always been in the restaurant business.  At a young age, I wanted to do a lot.  At one time I thought I wanted an office job because I love computer work. I love typing. I put in a lot of thought.  I cant sit in a chair all day.  I couldn't do office job.  I like to move around a lot. I cant ever sit still.  In the restaurant business, I love the busy rush.  I love multitasking.  I've learned a lot while working in the restaurant business.  I first started as a food prep.  My first job was when I was 16 years old, working at Taco Bell. Worked there for about 2 years.  It was a fun job.  I learned a lot about food prep.  Work makes everything more fun when your surrounded by fun people.  I was surrounded by fun co workers.  I spend my days opening and closing, working a lot of extra hours.  Minimum pay at that time was about  $5.75. I cant remember, but it was somewhere around there.  I was maintaining a job and going to school.  After 2 years, I got pregnant.  I decided, I needed something more.  That's when I thought I wanted to be a server because I wanted to make extra cash, and make tips.  I got a few jobs serving.  Then I got into bartending, then cooking.  I worked at a few hotels.  They offered lots of great benefits.  One benefit I do miss is the Hotel benefits.  Discounts on staycations and 50% discounts when your going off island.  The food was also great! 50 % discounts. I loved bartending.  Lots of tips.  One thing I hated about bartending is dealing with drunk people, and having to cut them off.  My last job bartending was working at the airport bar.  I loved the rush.  I miss meeting all kinds of people from different places in the world. 

While I was going to work everyday, I had my little side hustles.  My first online income came in from Etsy.  Making handmade jewelry out of seashells that I find on the beach.  My shop slowly grew throughout the years.  In 2021, I just created my online website for my jewelry.  Check it out.  Beautifulhi Creations.

My other online income platform is selling on Ebay.  I have many items in my home that I can get rid of and make extra money.  Thats when I decided to sell on Ebay.  I been selling on Ebay since 2014. Then used Mecari and Poshmark to sell more stuff.  I sold used clothing and handbags, and anything I could find in my closet that was no longer in use or of interest.  

Now this is where I made my extra income, and decided to quit my job, and work for myself.  This is the first time, I felt it, I don't need to work for anyone else.  I learned how to sell on Amazon, and send shipments to Amazon.  They are called Amazon FBA. Fulfillment By Amazon.  That's when you send products to Amazon, when you sell a product, Amazon will ship it for you, then you get paid. 

Of course, lots of fees are involved.  But this is why I quit my job.  I made money in my sleep.  I've made sales by selling books, movies, toys, & electronics.  I got into dropshipping.  Drop shipping is when a supplier ships out items for you when you sell a product.  I had to include this, proof of my sales.  If you zoom in you see my name, and all the sales I made in those month.  Its awesome to make money in your sleep.

Now Im growing my income in all different online platforms.  This is the future.  Its time to take advantage of the internet.  The internet is so much useful.  

Now, I make extra income.  I save alot of money also.  By registering as a Farmasi Beauty Influencer, I save alot of money.  I get 50 % discounts on all products, and get free products back.  Every sale I make, I make 50 % in commissions. It pays more than most marketing companies.  

This is a direct sales/affiliate marketing company that has been in the game for over 10 years but is new to the US. What does this mean for you? It means that you have a ground floor opportunity with a company new to a region but you don’t have to worry about it going belly up because it is a financially stable and established company.

They have almost every product you can think of in their overseas market and are gradually adding those items to their US line up. Currently they offer a variety of clean skincare for men, women and children and also a huge range of cosmetics. They release new products over 3 months which means your customers are always going to have new things to try.

The main reason that this is my #1 way to make money is because the company offers a 50% commissions rate on any products that you personally sell, while only requiring you to purchase a $20 start kit. In this industry it is rare to find a company with such a high commissions rate and even more rare to find one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to be a part of.

There are a few other ways you can get paid through the company as well which I will list below but the 50% commissions is the main and biggest way!

50% discount on your personal product purchases

Commissions on your personal sales volume

Bonuses for sponsoring and building a team ( not required, but people will see what your doing and want to join you)

Commissions on your Group Volume/ downline sales ( this is a % of what each person on your team sells)

Leadership Bonuses

Car Allowance

Cash Bonuses

In my opinion this business is one of the best affiliate marketing companies out there, and I have been apart of a few different ones. It has the lowest start up cost and the highest commissions payout. It is also just going to get bigger in the US as time goes on because the products are great quality and super affordable for people ( I am talking drug store prices here).

Having the right mindset is all it takes to be successful.  If I could do it, you can too!!! 

All I want to do is help people. I want to help you become successful.  

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