Welcome to my home, my island life, garden, and pets


Hello, my name is Joanne.  I'm born and raised on the beautiful island of Kauai.  I'd like to share some beautiful photos with you!  I spend half of my days at the beach.  My boyfriend surfs alot, so were always going to the beach.  While he's surfing, Im on the sand finding shells.  I make handmade creations with seashells.  Check out my creations. Beautifulhicreations.com

Merky water

This was already here. Loved it!

searching for waves 

Morning sunrise 

Hot day 

Morning sunlight so bright 


Beautiful Day 

Capturing Sunsets 

Sun going down 

Cant wait to go here again 

Boyfriend getting barreled 

Ramboo hunting 

Nakea in the field

Awa leaves

Bananas just goes off in my garden

Kat Williams and Ramboo Steve "the golden boys"

Kalo root  

Kalo leaf

Guavas grows wild 
Me in the Jungle 

Bird in the Moringa tree 


Awapuhi This plant has been known for repairing dry, damaged hair. 

Grilling food at home using lava rocks and Keawe wood

I hope you enjoyed these pictures!!!  

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