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     I've always been a hustler, looking ways to make extra income.  I've put in a lot of hours working in Cooperate companies. I always had to work overtime, weekends, and holidays. No time for friends and family.  I was always missing out on parties, and get togethers.  With my last pregnancy, I said no more!  I want to be home with my family, and stay home with my child.  

I began thinking of what I can do to make extra money.  I've watched a lot of You tube videos and googled on to make make money online.  I first started crafting and selling my creations on Etsy.  Etsy is a place where you can sell handmade items.  I go to the beach a lot and just been collecting seashells and sea glass.  That's when I started to use the items I had made into handmade jewelry.  I've been selling on Etsy for 10 years now.  

I've started selling on Ebay 7 years ago.  I just had many things I didnt want no more.  Instead of getting rid of the items I have, I decided I wanted to make money with it.  So I downloaded the Ebay app.  The first items I've been selling on Ebay was DVD movies.  I just had so many DVD's from Blockbuster.  I was very successful selling on Ebay.  I've also started selling on Amazon.  I learned how Amazon FBA works.  Which is Fulfillment by Amazon. That is where you send your items to Amazon, then they ship it out for you when you make a sale.  I first started selling books on Amazon.  I wanted to increase my sales, and profits, and that's when I learned how to dropship. Dropshipping is when you purchase a product for your customer, and the company ships it out for you.  I've made alot of money selling on Amazon, but there are some things you need to know about selling on Amazon.  You can get your sellers account suspended and your payments on hold due to trademark infringement, negative feedbacks, late shipment, A-Z claims. and customer complaints.  Once that happens you'll need to write down your plan of action to Amazon, on how the problem started.  I've done those a few times, and they were just a headache to do.  Now I'm careful about drop shipping and what I sell.  

I've become a market partner with Farmasi, and now I own my own beauty business.  I help women with their beauty and skincare needs.  Every sale I make, I make 50 % in commissions. Do you need help with your beauty and skincare needs?  I can help you.  Here is the product website.  Check it out.

Just recently, I was searching for more online jobs.  I came across Amazon Mechanical Turk.  It's a company that pays you to do surveys, copy and paste, and more.  I just started 2 weeks ago.  

I also came across Text broker. Text broker is a freelance writing job.  Get paid to write. I'm just trying to increase my income.  That's why Im here on Text broker.  I just signed up 2 weeks ago.  I got approved for 1 of my writing and earned my first $3.00. Not much now, but I'm working on my way up.  I'm just surprised I've been approved for my writing skills which I don't have.  Sometimes you just got to do it.  I've done it to put my brain to the test.   I just enjoy putting myself to a challenge. 

I'm on my way to making bigger changes and becoming successful.  

I've also earned money from blogging! 

There are so many ways of earning money online now.  I choose to work from home instead of going to work everyday.  When you work from home, you make your own schedule.  How much you want to earn, is how much work you put into. 

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Farmasi - only with Farmasi now!

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The Farmasi Compensation Plan offers 10 ways to earn commisions

  1. Welcome Program.  Earn free product and money during your first 4 months with Farmasi
  2. Retail Profit.  Earn 50% of the retail cost when you sell product to your customers.
  3. Online Customer Bonus.  You will get 50 % of the sales transaction from your personal online store.  
  4. Team building Bonus.  Receive the Team Building Bonus for every new personally sponsored Active Beauty Influencer.
  5. Personal Bonus.  Earn up to 25 commissions on your Personals Volume (PV)
  6. Group Bonus.  you earn a Group Bonus on every Beauty Influencer you personally sponsor.
  7. Leadership Bonus.  Earn up to 6 generations on your personally sponsored BIs who have a Bonus level of 25 % , 22%, and 18%.
  8. Car Allowance.  Receive a car/travel allowance monthly when you achieve Golden Director and above.
  9. Cash Bonus.  Earn a cash bonus when you achieve a Director title and above.   
  10. Unforgettable Experiences. When you achieve Golden Director and above for the first time you'll be invited to travel to amazing destinations.  

I love this company so much.  Its more than just making a sale.  It's all about helping other women look and feel beautiful.  Every women loves the feeling of being confident.  These products are AMAZING!!!  If you haven't tried Farmasi yet, what are you waiting for? This company will change your life! It changed mine! It changed the my mindset, and boost my confidence.  

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