I love my job! I get to work from home


I love my job!!! I love it that I get to work from home and play with beauty products.  I really never thought I would be here.  I never thought I would be posting photos of myself especially with no make up on.  I've grown to be so much more confident than I was 20 years ago.  Now I'm 40.  I'm a Farmasi Beauty Influencer and I love my job!!! I love how affordable it is.  That's the whole reason I got into this company.  They have affordable makeup, and skincare.  Not only that, they have so much more from hair care, men's care, baby care, massage gels, nail polish, perfumes, to house cleaning items, and so much more.  This company is only 3 years old in US and it's GROWING more and more, and I'm Growing with them.   

I have on Farmasi VFX Pro Camera Ready Primer. $15.90

I have on Farmasi VFX Pro Foundation in coffee $29.90
Find you shade and Buy Now

I love how this liquid foundation doesn't feel sticky, oily, or tacky.  It gives you a camera ready look.  This foundation covers the skin by helping to create a smooth surface, while evening skin tone, like a photo filter.  It disperses the light, helps blurring the imperfections to provide a silky complexion.  It creates a matte looking-skin, preventing the skin from shining, with its oil free and and vegan formula.  

I have on the Farmasi Vivid Eyeshadow Pallete 18 shades $39.90

The Farmasi Vivid Eyeshadow Pallete is a colorful limited-edition pallet that features 18 shades of vibrant colors that are ultra pigmented and easy to apply.  With stunning rich hues, soft neutrals, and jewel tones, you'll never get bored.  Spark your creativity or inspire soft and subtle looks with this unique curated collection. 

I have on  Farmasi Matte Liquid Lipstick $11.90

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I'm just having lots of FUN and enjoying my job.  

I learn everyday.  I get to learn about the products, new products, and most I get to learn about myself.  I never got to play with much colors on my face.  Its because makeup is so expensive.  I wanted to be a part of a marketing company, that I could trust, very affordable, and earn commissions.  I'm so glad I've found Farmasi.  

These beauty products are like drug store prices, but better quality.  I've tried a few expensive skincare products before, and don't give results.  Who can relate?  I've been using Farmasi skincare for 2 years now, and my skin is looking flawless.  Most of the time, I'm without makeup.  

Here is me with makeup on, and with no make up on.  

The wonder of what makeup can do.  I've been using the Dr. C Tuna Lumiradiance skincare since January.  So 2 months now I've been using the Lumi Radiance skin care line.  

Dr. C Tuna Lumi Radiance Bag Set $100

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I got the bag set which includes :

Dr. C Tuna Lumi Radiance Brightening Gel Cleanser 3.4 OZ .

Dr. C Tuna Lumi Radiance Brightening Serum. 1.0 fl OZ.

Dr. C Tuna Lumi Radiance Brightening Cream 1.70 fl. OZ.

Dr. C Tuna Lumi Brightening Eye Balm 0.7 fl. OZ.

Dr. C Tuna Lumi Radiance Travel Bag

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