Using Dr. C Tuna as my skin care regiman




I've started the New Year using Dr. C Tuna skin Lumi Radiance product line.  I've only been using this product for only 2 weeks, and I absolutely love this product.  Its made my acne scars lighter, made my skin much smoother, and much more brighter.

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I first start off washing my face with the Lumi Radiance Brightening gel cleanser. A daily cleanser that removes impurities and brightens skin tone, which leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and comfortable.  

Directions: Use daily in the morning and night. Apply gel onto damp hands and work into a lather. Gently massage face and neck using a circular motion and avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly.

Highlighted ingredients:  It contains an enzyme called papain that enhances the skin's natural purification process.  Also has natural conditioning properties that helps to moisture the skin.  

I purchase a facial scrubber for a deeper cleanse.  This product is so amazing.  Its made my skin feel and look so much smoother.  Click on the link to purchase yours today. 

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After cleansing your face, I use the Lumi Radiance Brightening Toner. A clarifying toner that gently removes residues while hydrating and comforting.  It helps to refresh and brighten the skin.

Directions: Use daily in the morning and night.  After cleansing skin, moisten a cotton pad with toner. Apply onto skin avoiding the eye area.  

Highlighted ingredients: Bearberry extract. It is a botanical skin brightener, the active agent is alpha arbutin. Helps to illuminate and brighten the complexion. 

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A brightening serum that helps to refuce the visibility of dark spots and balances uneven skin tone with regular daily use.  Its absorbed quickly, delivering the perfect level of  moisture.  

Directions:  Use daily in the morning and night.  Take 2-3 drops  of serum and apply it to clean skin using circular motion.  For best results, apply Dr. C Tuna Lumi Radiance Brightening cream for UV protection.

Highlighted Ingredients:  Papaya Extracts.  Papaya can help with hyperpigmentation which can occur after breakouts, brightens the skin and helps to repair the skins natural complexion.  Bearberry extract is a botanical skin brightener, the active agent is alpha arbutin.  Helps to illuminate and brighten the complexion.  

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A powerful, dark circle fighting eye cream that hydrates the eye area and helps to provide a smoother and more radiant look with regular daily use.

Directions:  Apply gently to eye area using your fingertip.  For best result, apply regularly in the morning and night.  

Highlighted ingredients:  Chlorella vulgaris extract.  Chlorella refers to a group of green alge that grows in freshwater.  It has a brightening effect that may help in the reduction of pigmentation of the skin.

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Dr C. Tuna brightening cream with UV protection helps maintain skin brightness and balance uneven skin tone with regular use.  It helps skin luminosity and delivers intense hydration.  The creams special formula is enriched with sand lily, algae, and multivitamin extracts that help restores skins quality and achieve a flawless appearance.  This unique cream provides skin with a more radiant look and absorbs easily.

Directions:  Recommended twice a day. 

Highlighted ingredients: Amla extract.  It has high vitamin C content that gives it a powerful antioxidant property, so it helps to protect the skin from environmental effects. 

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This is my first night using the Lumi Radiance skin care line.  As you can tell if the photo some dark spots.  Those are my acne scars.  I sometimes have a bad habbit picking on my blackheads.  It just leads to scars.  Thank god for high quality skin products that are very affordable. 

This is me after 2 weeks of using the Lumi Radiance skin care.  My face looks so much smoother, brighter, and clearer.  Check back on my blog for updates.  

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