Temporary root touch up to cover grey hair

This is a perfect product to temporarily cover up your grey roots.  I've been using this product whenever my grey roots starts showing up.  Or if you cant make a hair appointment on time for a touch up.  Its very damaging to get your hair colored all the time and its very pricey.  I just cant keep up anymore.  

I love this Loreal Magic root cover up.  I use the color light to medium brown.  It doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky, or doesn't rub off on clothing or pillow.  I don't wash my hair everyday, and this color last until I wash my hair.  

  I was almost running out, as I didn't get all the sides, but it did the job of covering up.

Cover up your grey hair with Loreal Magic Root Cover up

I have a hair appointment coming up soon.  I need help on what color I should color my hair.  I usually like my hair light.  Im thinking of silver ash tones.  What do you think?  Im open for color suggestions. 

Comment down below.  

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