Start your business with Farmasi

Start your business with Farmasi

This is an excellent opportunity.  If you'd like to work from home, make extra income, work your own time, and love beauty products.  This is for you. Earn while you learn.  

Farmasi has a special going on until January 25 2022.  Receive all these products for only $ 75.00.  Plus you receive a free starter kit.  Which includes free training, catalog, sample products, and your own website to get you going.  Add your website link to your social media.  You can start growing your business from there.  

My name is Joanne.  Im from Kauai, Hawaii.  I've always been business minded ever since I was a little girl.  I've always wanted to own my own business someday.  In Hawaii, its very hard, very expensive.  Just having to pay rent alone is very frustrating.  I've always been hustling around finding my way, finding new ways of making income.  

At the age of 20, I was introduced to Herbal Life.  Not knowing anything about the product. So I signed up for it.  I received the package.  I recieved a bunch of powdery packet mix that you'd have to add with water, and a few diet pills.  I was 20 at that time.  I was very skinny.  I didn't need to take any diet remedies.  So that's something I wasnt into, and that was a waste of money.  But it was a learning lesson for me.  I knew I didnt want to market diet products. That was not for me.  

I've been looking into beauty products because I wanted something affordable and something I could use everyday.  I found Younique makeup.  Been with them for over 5 years.  Only used Younique makeup and skincare.  I never really market Younique products.  I just didnt know how. 

Just 2 years ago,  I found another marketing company called Farmasi.  I seen that the start up cost was affordable, and said hey I have nothing to lose.  I got the starter pack that cost $19.99, and added a few makeup kit with my start up kit.  Total was about $69.00.  That was a deal.  I first started using there skincare.  I first started using the Dr. C Tuna age Reversist skincare line.  Then bought the Keratin hair care line, and then more products.  Im just in love with there products. At first I couldn't find the right  makeup foundation for my skin, because my skin is dark tan. I still been using Younique as my makeup.  

In June 2021, thats when I decided I needed to step up and show myself.  I created an Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok account to show off the beautiful products I've been using.  

I've completely stopped using Younqiue products and use only Farmasi products.  From skincare, makeup, haircare, massage gels, and soap. Even got mens soap for my boyfriend.  The best thing I love about this company is that they have everything for everyone. They even have housecleaning products!

I cant say more.  You have to check it out.  Here is the link: Check out Farmasi Products 

If you want to make more income, work from anywhere, love beauty products and skincare, haircare and more.  This may be for you.  Register here

Ever since I've been with Farmasi, its really helped me becoming more confident in myself, its made my appearance much brighter, and my skin is now glowing.  I feel so much better than I was 20 years ago.  I will be turning 40 in February.  I want to help you look and feel beautiful!

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