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Hello, My name is Joanne. Im a beauty influencer/market partener with Farmasi.  Before becoming a beauty influencer, I've had so many issues with insecurity.  I never had the courage to post myself on social media, especially with no makeup on.  Its been over 2 years now, I've been with Farmasi.  Recently created an Instagram account for my jewelry making.  That's been going great, but I wanted to do something more.  It was time for me to start showing myself.  I created a whole separate account on Instagram to separate my handmade creations from my beauty marketing journey.  About 4 months now on social media, Im just posting away.  Results using Farmasi products.  I dont use anything else. Only Farmasi.  Farmasi has changed my life, my looks, my thinking, and helped me to build alot more confidence in myself. 

I started using skincare products from Farmasi.  Its the Dr. C. Tuna skincare line.  I first started using the age reversist skincare line.  I just had alot of wrinkles around my eye area.  It may be due to sun. I just love going to the beach, and sometimes forget to put on sunscreen on my face.  

The age reversist helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen synthesis 67%.

Key Ingredients:

Microalgae Technology  

3R skin Technology

Plankton Extract 

 Marine Bio Active Technology

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid Complex
CG Sea Water
Sodium PCA 

Key Ingredients

Willow Bark
Witch Hazel
Marine Water 
Salicylic & Glycolic Acid

Key Ingredients

White sand lily
Algae Extract Papaya Extract
Bearberry Extract

This is my first night using the Lumi Radiance skincare line.  Its been over a week now after using the product everyday.  I feel my skin so much softer, and brighter.  You see my scars on my face. It has been fading away.  I will be posting updates on to my Instagram. If you'd like to see more post and updates on me using the skincare and any other products, follow my journey on
 instagram @ beautifulhi.jn

Key Ingredients 

Calendula oil

Echinacea Extract

Marshmallow Extract 

Burdoct Extract 

Key Ingredients 

Tea tree oil

Thyme Extract

Natural Squalene

Marine Plankton Extract


Key Ingredients


Chicory leaf Extract

Chlorella Vulgaris Extract


Fruit Extracts

Vitamin C

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I am here to help!  A good skin care is all you need to looking beautiful.  A perfect Skincare routine,  eating healthy. exercise and drinking lots of water helps your skin to getting back to a youthful, and beautiful you.  

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