My hair journey using Farmasi Revive Hair care


I am on a beautiful journey using and sharing products from Farmasi.  I'm loving everything about this  company.  I've never had the courage to post myself on social media.  Now I'm just all about taking selfies, sharing beautiful products from Farmasi. 

I've been with Farmasi over a year now, but new to marketing, and new to social media. I never posted anything with me using the products.   I just recently created an account on Facebook and Instagram about 4 months ago.  I decided, If I want to do this and be successful I will commit to using these products, and sharing my experience, before and after photos.  Now, Im having so much fun.  I never thought I would be showing myself alot, even without makeup, or showing off my grey hair, and all of my flaws.  I've found a better me. Thanks so much to Farmasi!

I've been using the Farmasi Revive haircare line for over 2 months now.  I've been a market partner with Monat hair care, and love there hair care products.  That's the only hair care product I've been using over 3 years.  I recently switched my hair care to only Farmasi products.  One thing I wish Farmasi had is more hair care products.  More styling products, dry shampoo, hairspray, curling cream, heat cream and more.  Im really hoping the company is working on it.  I just dont like mixing products.

I usually wash my hair 1-2 times a week.  I like my hair color to last, and build natural hair oil for a much more healthier, longer hair.  My hair is very stubborn.  Its been chemically treated many times.  Its been through so many hair colors, from blonde, purple, blue, to green.  I just love colors!!!. I've used so many heat on my hair.  I've been obsessed with getting my hair straight.  I blow dry my hair straight, then use the hair straightener to straighten my hair.  YES!!! Very damaging. I just dont use it much as I did back then.  I've learn to love everything and accept my hair.  My hair gets very frizzy.  To tame my frizz, I just use a little almond oil on my hair. 

When using the Farmasi revive hair care, I would use the reviving oil on my scalp, massaging every piece of hair from root to tip.  Then, I'd comb it out so the oil is evenly distributed into the hair strands. 

I'd leave the oil on my hair for another day.  I just usually have my hair up in a bun.  When ready to shower, just use the Farmasi revive shampoo, making sure you massage your hair while shampooing.  Then rinse.  Then use the Farmasi hair mask, which is like a deep conditioner.  Leave on for about 5 minutes.  Then rinse.  Your hair will be feeling so much softer.  The Farmasi Revive hair care line is known to strengthen hair, and thicken all types of thinning hair.  This product is made with garlic capixyl and Trichogen. Which is an ingredient that helps with hair restoration and hair growth, and helps aid in the decrease of hair loss.  

This is my hair in October 29 2021.  Using Farmasi revive hair care.

My hair Dec. 24 2021. Blow dried.

My hair Dec. 29 2021. 

These are photos of the results using Farmasi Revive Shampoo, revive oil and hair mask.  

I will be posting more updates on my hair, and hair growth.  

If your interested in purchasing these products I will have a link down below.  

Farmasi Dr. C Tuna Revive Shampoo

Farmasi Dr. C Tuna Revive hair mask

Farmasi Dr. C Tuna Reviving Hair Oil


Farmasi Revive Hair Care

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