Healthy homemade banana chocolate ice cream


This recipe is so simple and so easy.  I always have bananas growing around my yard.  

This is the yard harvest on Thanksgiving day. 

We harvested sweet potatoes, taro, and bananas.

When ever I have extra bananas I always freeze them.  There always good for making smoothies. If you have a really good blender like a vita mix blender will blend perfect for making frozen banana ice cream.  I have a ninja blender and works just fine.  

You only need to ingredients to make this.  Its so healthy and so good for you.  All you need is frozen bananas, and 100% chocolate morsels.  Break frozen bananas into half pieces, and just put in blender along with some chocolate.  Just hit the pulse button.  You'll have to stop to mix everything together.  Start pulsing again. Keep doing this till everything gets combined.  Do not add any liquid, or it wont be ice cream...  Once everything blended and combined together.  Time to enjoy.  Very healthy ice cream that is so healthy and guilt free.  

Please keep update on more recipes... Aloha!