Breakfast Pork cutlet with potatoes, egg and gravy

 Home cooking is the best!!!  I love getting creative!  I was trying to make a loco moco version with pork.  I had some left pork tenderloin and lots of potatoes.  I had to do something with the potatoes before they go bad.  I came up with making pork cutlet with potatoes, egg, and made a mushroom, onion gravy. All from scratch.  I don't ever use package seasoning or package gravy mix.  Everything you make from scratch is much more healthier.  


Pork steak, tenderloins, or pork chop



1 egg for dipping, all depends how many pork you'll be making 

1 egg each for each family member


Garlic clove



Salt and pepper to taste

Garlic powder

Dried parsley

Olive oil

Frying oil : I use peanut oil

I never measure anything when Im cooking.  Season for your own taste.  Small pinch of salt at a time.  Not too much your gonna get salty food.  For panko and flour, you need just enough to coat your pork.

Make sure you pat your pork meat dry before you season.  Season both sides with salt, pepper,  garlic powder, and dried parsley.  Set aside

Scramble 1 or 2 eggs for dipping.  Set aside.  Get enough flour to coat on a plate. Do the same with panko. Set aside. 

Peel potatoes skin, and dice potatoes into cubes.  Heat up sauté pan with olive oil. Once heated, add potatoes, and stir.  Add a pinch of salt, pepper, and dried parsley. Stir again.  Add garlic and stir.  Add cover and have your stove on medium low.  Make sure to keep stirring or shaking your pan to have potatoes cook evenly.  While that's cooking, get your pork meat ready to cook.

Get your frying pan ready with oil. Not too much oil, just enough to pan fry.  You don't want to deep fry.  Heat stove up to medium.  While oil is heating up, you can start coating your pork.  Start with coating in flour, then in egg, then panko.  If you oil is hot and ready, then your pork is ready to fry. 

Cook till you see the panko golden brown, then flip your meat, cook the other side.  Once cooked, set aside.  Its best to place your meat on a drip pan, or a paper towel will do.  Do not over crowd your meat or it will get soggy.  Once all your meat is done.  Time to start gravy.

From the same pan used to cook the pork, check to see the oil.  Make sure not too much or or you'll be having oily gravy.  Just enough oil to sauté. Add in onions and sauté till soft. About 5 minutes. Add in mushrooms, garlic powder, and dried parsely.  Add in some leftover flour. Add in pinch of flour at a time.  Stir.  Add more if needed.  You should have the same ratio as the oil and flour.  Slowly add water. About a 1/4 cup. Stir till liquid gets thick.  Slowly keep adding more if needed.  Taste your gravy first before adding salt.  I like to add a few drop of Shoyu sauce. Make sure your flour is cooked all the way through when making your gravy or it'll taste like flour.  Once done, set aside on the stove on low heat.  

Now you can start cooking your egg.  This will go fast.  I like my eggs over easy.  Cook your eggs on how you like.  Set aside.

You can now start cutting your pork and plating.  I added potatoes first, then pork, top with egg, and pour gravy on top of egg and on plate.  Garnish with green onion.  Ready to eat.  Enjoy!!!