Using makeup products from Farmasi

Before picture of me with no makeup on, and hair hasn't been washed for 5 days.  
I finally got to wash my hair last night.  I used Farmasi Keratin hair shampoo and Farmasi hair mask.  They smell so good, and makes hair really soft.  It takes frizz.  My hair is chemically damaged from alot of hair dye throughout my years.  I've learned never to die my hair again with box die.  Box die is so damaging with so many chemicals.  So is shampoo and conditioner that has been bought from any local store.  I never buy any beauty products , skincare, or hair care, no more from the store, or any local drugstore. Shampoos and conditioners you get from the drug store are very damaging to your hair.  Its loaded with a bunch of chemicals that strips away your hairs natural oils.  

I bought a few beauty products from Farmasi for my own personal use. I bought the keratin shampoo, keratin hair mask, lipliner, face perfecting pressed powder, express waterproof eyeliner, concealer buffer brush, double lash extended mascara, two sided facial brush, eye shadow brush, tea tree face wash, foundation brush, peach bite palette, vfx pro camera ready primer, face sculpting pallet, nude lip gloss, and  vfx pro foundation.  
I've been buying the tea tree skin care line for the daughter.  Its been helping with clearing up her acne.  I just love all the products from Farmasi.  

Used brown lip liner and nude flirt lip gloss

A few selfies

Earring that is used in this photo are made with jobs tears, and bamboo, all handpicked, handmade and created by me.  For more handmade creations check out

Farmasi products that I used for this look

I went for a neutral look.  The products I have on are Farmasi VFX pro camera ready foundation in Mocha.  Farmasi perfecting pressed powder in warm dark.  Farmasi peach bite palette, Farmasi eyeliner in brown, Farmasi lip gloss in nude flirt, Faramsi double lash mascara, Farmasi VFX PRO primer, and Farmasi brow liner in brown.  

It's only $20 to register as a beauty influencer.  You will receive a starter kit, free sample products, free training and your own personal website.  No monthly fees, no extra hidden fees.  When you buy products it will be 50 % OFF.  When you sell a product you will receive 50 % in commission. 

If you register as a beauty influencer, let me know you signed up, I will send you a few products to start, and try.  Next thing you know you'll be loving all the products.  

I'm giving away products. Let me know in the comment below or email me which product you want to try.