Aloe water for detoxification and beautification

Aloe water with peppermint, and lime 


After a good workout, full sweat you'll need to hydrate.  I usually like to jump rope as my work out routine.  I would jump rope for an hour.  Full body sweat.  Of course I'll take little breaks here and there.  I'll do some crunches, jumping jacks, burpees and squats in between my jump roping.  

Everything is from my yard, all natural.  I made a refreshing drink made with water, aloe, peppermint and lime.  Aloe is bitter, so you'll need to rinse the clear meat till its not so slimy.  I use a strainer to rinse the aloe.  Aloe has a lot of health benefits.  

It helps hydration, liver function, helps aid in digestion, helps clear skin. Feeds your body from within.

Im into alot of marketing companies that I only use the products constantly and never advertise products if they dont work.  I see alot of weight loss companies that feeds potential customers a whole of bunch of crap.  From diet pills, to gummy pills, protein shakes, protein bar, and theres so much more.  I just dont understand it.  If you want to lose weight, taking diet pills, diet shakes, or anything diet will not work.  It will just break your bank account.  

If your really into losing weight, all you need is to eat lots of fruits and veggies. Stay away from carbs. And exercise.  You need body heat to melt fat.  Its like cold fat, like bacon grease just sitting on the pan.  When fat gets cold, it stays solid, till you heat it up.  Same concept.  Drink lots of water.  Your body needs lots of water to flush out whatever is in your belly.  Citrus will get your gut moving. Drink a cup of water with lemon every morning on an empty stomach.  Sooner or later you'll be needing to go to the bathroom and release some SHIT! Just remember everything natural, is much better for you.  Look around in your yard, there's some kind of weed or leaves that you can make into tea, that will be good for your health.