Affordable gift ideas

 I created a few handmade creations for the holidays.  Everyone is shopping and looking for gift ideas.  If your into handmade creations that are affordable, you are in the right place!.  These bracelets are stretch bracelets made with jobs tears, which are seeds that grows on a big bush, like grass.  I handpick them and make them into beautiful jewelry.  These here are stretch bracelets made with jobs tears, and glass beads.  

I will be sending these bracelets to Hawaiian Artisians in Kapaa at the Coconut Market Place.  If your on Kauai or think of visiting Kauai, check out them out.  They have beautiful creations by local artist.   

This is a single wrap bracelet made with memory wire, jobs tears, and floral beads on the end.  This was a custom order that I made for a customer that emailed me.  She wanted a gift to give to both her parents. Her parents were married on Kauai a while back ago.  I sent her a few photos and this is the one she choose.  I was very happy and excited I was able to fulfill her purchase, and made her happy also that she got something from Kauai as a gift to give to both her parents.  

The island treasures that I get from the island that I use in my jewelry making has alot of history from the island.  From where it came from and how'd it get there.  When I find a sea shell, sometimes I can tell that its very old, and is very rare.  I'll sometimes find shells when Im hiking away from nearby beaches.  It tells alot of about the history of earth and how much earth has changed.  Sometimes I'll ask myself, was there a beach here.? Because of sand mix with dirt, and broken shells on the ground.  

When ever Im making any of my creations, I have to be feeling good.  I have to have a positive feeling,  I like to put on makeup when Im making my jewelry.  All of that makes me feel good, and when you make something when your feeling good. that's when it comes out beautiful.  I never make anything when Im having a bad day, or just not feeling it. I don't like passing bad energy on to my creations, because bad energy will be passed on to the person that will be wearing it.  Positive feelings brings in beautiful creations!

 I made these jobs tears earrings with crystal beads.  Its a perfect holiday earring!! Its made with gold plated ear hooks.  

This is jobs tears necklace that made with beads and gold plated chain.  Another perfect gift idea!!

This is a hoop earring made with jobs tears and beads.  Jobs tears are known to give you mana, strength.

This is me wearing a jobs tears earring on a gold triangle ear finding.  If you'd like me to create a custom order, comment down below, or shop on my website.  BeautifulHi Creations. 

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