Why I joined Farmasi and how you should join this beautiful opportunity

As a young girl, I've always been business minded.  I've always been a hard worker, always hustling.  I use to work alot in high school. I just wished I was more focus on school instead.  Now that I'm older, Im always learning.  I learn something different everyday. 

My job choice was working in the Food and Beverage department.  I've done it all.  I've been a restaurant manager, server, bartender, cashier, cook. Anything that had to do with a kitchen, I was there. I just love the energy.  You had to be fast, and multitask on everything. "That's what I do best".  I love bringing  home cash tips whenever I'd work.  

I thought of owning my own food truck someday, but gave it a lot of thought.  What kind of food do I sell?  I didnt want to create the same menu that everyone makes.  I like to create food that no one has thought of putting ingredients together.  Like wasabi and peanut butter?  Sounds gross, but I actually had a customer where I used to work, ask if they could have there wrap with a wasabi mayo sauce with satay sauce, which is made with peanut butter and coconut milk.  Anyways, that's how my crazy brain works. Too much hard work, too much commitment of having to be there all day, all night.  

While constantly working, my brain is always thinking.  I sometimes over frazzle my own self. I always ask myself "what can I do to make extra income?"

I've done a lot of research on MLM. Market level marketing.  I joined a few.  Failed on some companies, and been successful through a few.  These are my honest opinion and companies that I have been affiliated with. 

I love marketing companies that will give you a discount, or commission, on products you purchase for your own self.  You make money buying your own products.  I no longer buy skincare, or makeup from my local drugstore.  Skincare and makeup is so expensive, so I've been doing alot of research on what I can do to save and make money.  

When I was 18, I started with the company Herbal life.  I was introduced this company from a co-worker.  She asked if I wanted to make extra money.  So I said ok, not knowing anything about this company.  Not even sure how much I paid to get started.   I didn't know anything about marketing.  It was a weight loss plan.  The company sent me a few samples of powder mix, and pills. I didn't use any.  I'm not into weight loss, and don't need it.  For any person that wants to loose weight, I suggest you start eating healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables.  Cut down on carbs. SWEAT! You dont need any of those crazy diet plans thats a waste of money, and may not be good for you.  When I say SWEAT, it means to exercise till you sweat.  Have you seen cold fat, like when you cook bacon, leave the oil in a bowl and the fat gets solid.  When fat gets heated it melts.  That's pretty much how fat works in your body.  You just need to sweat to melt body fat.  Anyways... Dont get into a marketing company where your not going to be using products on a daily bases.  

5 Years ago, I joined Younique .  I only used Younique products. Made a lot of sales from Younique.  I love the makeup and skincare.  I may be moving on to only Farmasi products because they have a little of everything.  But Younique has been a very trusting MLM company that actually pays you when you purchase your own products.  Here is a screenshot of the achievements I've made with this company. This is proof with my name on it.  

Whenever I mention to friends if they like to join me, and sell beauty products, I would always get a "is this an MLM company" or I don't really use much makeup or I dont have the time.  

This is the reason I'm including this topic in my blog.  There are alot of failed MLM out there, where you dont make anything, or a little percent, but no rewards.  These are the companies that build their team so the company makes all the income.  I've been with Doterra for about 3 years.  I only got into this company because I got into essential oils for healing your body.  I never really promoted this company because I knew you wont be making anything from this company. I would purchase products for my own personal use, and never received any commission.  You get points for your orders.  Points converts into a free oil.  That's what I would receive.   Doterra also charges a yearly subscription fee.  I may be over Doterra. 

I dont use alot of makeup. Im a lightweight when it comes to makeup. But I do love Farmasi skincare.  I've been with Farmasi for 2 years now.  Im just getting started with Farmasi. 

 How I found Farmasi and why I joined? 

Always looking for a better opportunity that's why!  I found Farmasi by googling around for beauty products, where you can make a real income.  I'm so glad I joined FARMASI.  Farmasi has been around for 68 years.  Launched in the USA in January 2019.  Said to be the # 1 market by 2025.  Its still new to US, that's why I keep promoting and telling friends and family to get on this opportunity.  This is the future. Farmasi has almost every product you can think of from makeup, skincare, men products, perfumes, products for kids, hair care, accessories, cleaning supplies, and more.  

The main reason why I joined because they offer more than just makeup. "No excuses now ladies" that dont wear that much makeup..  The company offers a 50% commission on any product you sell.  You can buy affordable products for your own use.  

50% discount on your personal product purchases

Commissions on your personal sales volume

Bonuses for sponsoring and building a team ( not required, but people will see what your doing and want to join you)

Commissions on your Group Volume/ downline sales ( this is a % of what each person on your team sells)

Leadership Bonuses

Car Allowance

Cash Bonuses

I'm still new to this market, so I dont have any reports to show besides the products I have purchased for my own use.  I will be sharing more on Farmasi products, and continue to commit to this company because I believe in the opportunity. Anyone interested Farmasi products of becoming a Farmasi beauty Influencer, sign up down below.  I am here to help you with everything you need to get started.  You dont need much.  Only $20 to start.  You receive a starter kit and your personal website.

You just need your mindset on EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL to become successful



Any questions, please contact me through email or comment down below.  

I'd love to hear from you! AND JOIN MY TEAM!