Essential oils for natural pain relief


I've been using natural essential oils for pain relief.  Essential oils have a powerful healing affect.  I use essential oils mostly for headache, and muscle aches.  I just get a lot of headaches and I try to avoid any pills like Tylenol, Advil, or any over the counter medicines.  Also try to avoid doctor medications. 

 The best essential oil for headaches is peppermint oil. Just dab a few drops of oil and rub the back of your neck.  I like to dab some oil on my forehead.  I usually get pains that hits the back of my eyes.  Peppermint oil works great and has a lot of healing benefits for colds, and cough.  If you have a diffuser, it works perfect for getting the stuffiness out.   Peppermint oil also boost your energy.  Just rub some oil on your temple.

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For muscle aches, I've been using the Doterra deep blue rub.  Together with the Deep blue rub lotion.  Mix this oil with a drop of almond oil, and start massaging some achy muscles.  My boyfriend surfs a lot, and I usually have to massage his back with some essential oil just to relieve some pain.  This oil really works.  I've made some oil mixture for my mom's arthritis. It has a cooling and soothing affect.  

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Add this oil blend to massage your stress away.  Mix with a little coconut oil any type of oil to base your essential oil.  I'll mix this oil with a few drops of deep blue oil, peppermint oil, and wintergreen oil.  This helps with muscle pains.  Also helps to clear sinus.

This essential oil helps with feelings.  It helps relieve stress, and anxiety.  It has a calming affect, perfect for a diffuser.  Helps you sleep at night.  

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This essential oil has an energizing and uplifting component.  I like to mix this with peppermint oil and leave in a diffuser when I go to bed. Its a natural room freshener.  It really makes your room smell so good.  If you like the smell of wintergreen chewing gum, thats what it really smells like.  I like that smell.  Its so refreshing!  This oil is also amazing for muscle aches.  It really helps to relieve pain. 

For those whos been following my blogs and reading them, YES! Im also a market partner with Doterra.  I only choose market partners where I can use the products myself.  

I'm a mother of 3 girls. Im always looking of natural ways to help with sickness, or pain.  That's how I got started with Doterra.  You can do so much with these essential oils.   I've used Tea tree oil to help with my daughters acne.  Also used it to disinfect cuts and used these essential oil to clean.  I love the orange oil.  A few drop in your diffuser and it will freshen your home.  

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