Beautiful day of hiking mauka


Yesterday was a beautiful day for a hike.  It was nice and sunny.  Its been rainy off and on for the past few days, never really got to go outside and enjoy nature.  Just needed the ground to dry up so we wouldn't be slipping and sliding on some muddy grounds!

First of all, when ever your going on a hike, DONT ever hike alone.  Hiking can be dangerous, especially if your new to that area.  You could slip, fall, dehydrate, pass out, or other health problems or anything else could happen.  Always bring water.  That is the main item you need.  You need to hydrate. 

Me, my boyfriend, loonyproductions, and my dog went out for a hike. We just needed to get out of the house and get some exercise.  Hiking is the best exercise for you. It moves every part of your body.  It feels good to sweat. 

Were going down ferns deep into the jungle 

Pushin bush

I'm so sorry, if the camera was shaky.  I've been using my phone to capture these moments.  I was afraid of dropping my phone into the ferns.  It was really deep in there.  Hiking back up was a real workout.

Some beautiful flowers in the jungle forest

Beautiful Hau flower

Got to enjoy some guava

Wild Akala berries (Hawaiian rasperries)

Got to enjoy some fruits from the jungle forest to quench our thirst while hiking.

The beauty of nature on Kauai, deep in the jungle

I got to saturate my hair with this beautiful Awapuhi plant. 

Awapuhi is known as a ginger plant.  In Hawaii, we use Awapuhi for our hair, and bathing up in the river.  It has an exotic smell, slightly floral, and very tropical.  I'd usually just squeeze the plant on to my hair, and head, massaging it, and letting in soak in.  It makes your hair so much softer, balances moisture, and gives hair volume, after its been fully washed, and dried.  Its also great for your skin.  It helps repel mosquitos when your out in the jungle.

This is an ancient wall of rocks!!!

How's this giant Alocasia?

Found this in the jungle. Giant Mamaki which the leaves are used as a medicinal tea.  

I hope you enjoyed a few short footage of our journey.  I'll do better next time, and use the go pro to film instead of using the phone.  Hopefully it will be less shaky.  We had such a beautiful day, a nice day to relax.  I also got some jobs tears for my jewelry making.  

When I go out on an adventure, I always try to bring back something and make use of the things I have found.  I will be making more jewelry with the jobs tears I've picked.  

We had a nice and refreshing swim in the river, too cold for me, but it was nice and rejuvenating.  My dog, Nakea had a beautiful day also.  She loves going out for adventures.  Stay updated for more.


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