Ocean treasures used for jewelry making and crafting

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 These are a few shell collections that I have used to make jewelry and crafts.  I just love going to the beach and finding island treasures.

These are opihi shells that has been sanded to a complete shine.  I use these opihi shells for making pendants.  

Sanded opihi shell necklace made with hau rope.  Hau is a tree bark from the sea hibiscus plant.  

This is a rope made from Hau.  The bark has been stripped and then rinsed, dried, then twined. The opihi pendant made with Hau rope was my first sale on etsy.  Its inspired me alot and made me alot more motivated to go get more shells and start getting creative.  That's how I got started in creating my etsy shop. 

When I first started my jewelry making, I was like, no one is going to buy this.  My first sale was the greatest feeling.  I've sold something.  Now, I create jewelry mostly everyday.  Check out my creations on etsy.

Ocean Lifestyle Apparel

This is a few of my cowrie shell collection.  I usually will make earrings and keychains with these shells.  

These shells are a set of cowrie shell earrings and cowrie shell pendant.  

This is a cowrie shell keychain

A few more collections of ocean treasures that I found 

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Ocean Lifestyle Apparel

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