New creations added on to Beautiful Hi online shop

I just add a few more creations onto my etsy and online shop. 

Jobs tears bracelet with cone shell and turquoise crystal glass beads.  
Bracelet is made with memory wire.  Wraps around 3X. Everything from jobs tears and cone shell has been picked by me and made into a beautiful bracelet.  

Jobs tears bracelet with brown and white cone shell with purple crystal beads.  Bracelet is made with memory wire.  Wraps around 3X.

Cone shell stretch bracelet with jobs tears and pink crystal beads.  Bracelet made with stretch cord.  Handmade with love and aloha.

Broken cowrie shell necklace. Necklace is 18" long.  I have a few of these broken cowrie shells and decided to make a lovely necklace.   

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I've been down for over a week now.  Finally feeling better.  It felt like flu like symptoms.  I did some research online and tried to figure out if I had Covid or the flu.  Both were similar symptoms.  It all started with muscle aches, then a sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, then the headaches starts.  Nonstop throbbing with pain behind my eyes.  I couldn't keep my eyes open. Just been feeling very tired, with tired breathing.  Just felt like I was have having little oxygen.  
I've been eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water.  Stayed home in bed alot.  There's been so many covid cases.  Everyone, needs to just stay away from large gatherings!  Alot of our keikis are getting sick also.  So many covid cases in our local schools.  We need to keep our kids safe!!

I'm feeling 100% better now.  Ready to get some orders going.  I need to make some sales.  Any type of support will help.  I appreciate everything.


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