More Coronavirus cases on School Campus in Hawaii. Kauai

 How do we stay away and protect our selves and our keiki from the Coronavirus?

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More and more cases everyday in school.  I get an automated phone call everyday from the Middle School and High School explaining another coronavirus case.  

What to do?  I'm a parent of 3 girls, 1 graduated college, 1 in high school, and 1 in Middle School.  

Protect yourself and loved ones

I don't know what options there is besides stay away from large crowds, and gatherings.  Always wear a mask, and wash your hands, and sanitize the germs away.  

Many business aren't ready to having a lock down again.  We all need to follow the rules and just stay away from large gatherings.  

You wont see me in large gatherings.  My go to places to go to is the beach, or taking a hike up Mauka. 

I always avoid going places when the traffic is on.  I just don't like sitting in traffic.  

Online Class? My daughters had to do a full school year of online class.  The good thing about online class is that my daughters got to stay home and do school work.  Snack whenever they wanted.  Take breaks when ever they wanted. 

One thing I dont like about online class is they don't get to interact and socialize with other kids.  Its a different world out there.  Different from how we all grew up. 

I feel like the kids now days are stuck on their device like there I pad, or I phones. Its hard for them to focus online because there's so many distractions online.  Many kids now, have social media accounts like snapchat, tic tock, and Instagram.  I just cant keep up anymore!  We as parents need to be aware and need to know what our kids do online.  

Keeps hands clean and sanitize!

When I'm home I always have something going on.  Im a very busy parent.  I may sometimes exhaust myself but its my brain just thinking of everything constantly. On what's for dinner? What is my daughter going to eat after school, What can I do with this? How do I do this?  Those are some questions that goes through my mind.   I just frazil my own self.  Sometimes I just need to take a deep breath and relax.  

Im always working on my inventory on orders, putting in orders, shipping. creating jewelry, cooking, cleaning, exercise, and keeping up with my blog.  And posting on social media.  

I'm trying to get my daughter into crafting and jewelry making.  She loves to paint.  She told me she wanted to make rings.  I bought a ring making set on Amazon.  Now she's learning how to make rings.  Now she can start helping me make jewelry. 😀 

This crystal bead set for ring making came with  1626 of natural gemstones, 1 ring sizer mandrel, 10 piece pendant charm, 10 spacer beads, 3 spools of metal wire, 2 spools of elastic thread, 1 roll stainless steel wire, jewelry pliers, straight rods, and 2 piece of jewelry chains.  

DIY crafts are always a great gift for teens.  I hope this will keep my daughter busy.  

Stay Safe Everyone!!!

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