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Farmasi has been working very hard for the last 70 years to make better products, to create better opportunities to help more people, and make you happier. 

Farmasi is and international beauty and personal care manufacturer, retailer, and direct selling company in Beauty, personal care, households, and wellness, and accessories product categories.  

Farmasi was founded in 2010 in there home country in Turkey.  They achieve triple digit growth for the last 7 years, now operating in 25 markets in from direct selling.  Farmasi has been experiencing significant growth which is mostly powered by best of class compensation plan, wide product portfolio, and amazing quality for the price paid, in each of the countries they started there operations.

At Farmasi, they celebrate beauty and individuality. They provide access to innovative, high-quality products for their customers to look and feel their best.  They change people' lives, not only through the proven benefits of powerful natural ingredients, but also by empowering them to achieve success as far as the can dream of.  

Farmasi aims to be the #1 direct selling cosmetics company by 2025. Farmasi will be recognized by the quality of their products, and their ability to inspire, motivate, and empower people from all over the world to become their most beautiful selves, and help others do so as well.  

As a Farmasi market partner myself, I would like you to achieve great success and have the ability to look and feel beautiful. It's all about the power of self expression.  Everyone has the power to empower!

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I've used the beauty products myself and love them.  I love the Dr. C Tuna age reversist eye cream.  I used that every night after showering.  It helps smooth the wrinkles on your eyes.  After that I use Dr. C Tuna Age Reversist all night beauty mask.  It contains golden vitamin C which is a mix of Ascorbic acid, and gold which dramatically enhances skin penetration with outstanding anti oxidant properties, giving your skin ultra nourishment while you sleep.

In the morning, I'll use the Farmasi Foami cream cleanser to wash my face.  Then use the Dr. C Tuna age reversist rich moisturizer. It reduces lines and wrinkles.  

The Farmasi skin care has really worked for me.  It made my skin smoother, and dark spots faded away quickly on my face.  

I recently got oil splatter on my face from frying chicken.  I got a few burn mark on my face.  It was almost close to my eye but luckily not in my eye.  There were 3 dark circle marks on my face.  I thought it was going to leave a scar forever.  I've been using the Dr C Tuna all night beauty mask every night.  This product really works.  It made my scars lighter, and its been fading away.  Really good stuff, and its really affordable.  

These are the skin care products I use everyday on my face.  Just love these.  

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