Kauai home Garden tour Update

 Garden tour update

Happy Aloha Friday

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Lilikoi flower 

It's Happy Aloha Friday! I'll be showing a garden tour update on the items that I have growing around my yard and garden.  I'd like to thank my other half LoonyProductions for putting alot of hard work into the garden.  Everything in the garden has been done with alot of hard work.  No store bought soil. Only natural dirt from the land.  We compose our own soil.  Throwing our fruits and vegetable scraps into the compost.  The worms love it.  Alot of digging and tilling all done by hand with an O'o. 

Kalo Taro plant

Sweet Potato shoots 

listen to the sound of nature 

Beautiful lily flower growing in our fish pond

We also have a fish pond in our yard also done by loonyproductions

Homemade fish pond 

We have a homemade fish pond using pond liner and a 300 gallon tub. Alot of hard work has been put into the pond.  Also dug all by hand. No machines were used.  Also used a solar water pump to have the water flowing. Used a natural bamboo, all hand cut to use for the water to flow out.  Its so nice and peaceful just sitting right by the pond.  Were raising fishes.  We have 1 tilapia, and a few Aholehole.  Need to get more tilapias!.  We also have to 2 turtles.  

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Bamboo Fountain

Tilapia and more fishes 

Meet my turtle friend! 


Moringa flowers 

This pretty bird kept on following me while trying to take photos of my yard

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I'll be keeping up with more updates.  ALOHAđź’š