Island fashion accessories and all natural jobs tears bracelet all handmade from Hawaii makes perfect gift ideas

 Island fashion, beach fashion accessories and all natural jobs tears bracelet all handmade from Hawaii

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I just love going to the beach and picking shells.  Its such a beach therapy for me.  Especially finding a bunch of shells I can get creative with. 

Cone shells I made into tropical key chains and bracelet 

I made a bunch of island fashion accessories all made from seashells.  I love going to the beach to pick seashells.  Just love finding ocean treasures. 😍 I only pick lifeless shells that the tide brings to shore.  I don't ever pick living shells.  Save lives and let them live! Save Ocean life!  With these cone shells, I made seashell keychains.  Add these keychains to your beach fashion accessory or give the gift of aloha!  

These keychains are going out to Hawaiian Artisans in Kapa'a at the Coconut Marketplace. If your ever in that area, or visit Kaua'i, give them a visit.  You will find local products from local artist.  You will also find BeautifulHiCreations there or just check out my etsy shop for more BeautifulHiCreations

I just bought this display wood stand from Amazon.  I thought this would be a perfect display stand for my keychains.  Its a wooden, rotating 2 sided jewelry stand, comes with a rotating organizer and 32 hooks.  It's affordable and perfect to show off my creations.  😀 Love it 💙

If your interested in this beautiful jewelry display organizer that I use for my keychains, here is the link

Jobs tears

These jobs tears are all natural and handpicked by me.  I just love picking jobs tears because I can always get creative with them.  I will make jewelry with jobs tears.  I make earrings, necklace, and bracelets with these jobs tears.  Check out BeautifulHiCreations for more. 

Island fashion bracelets made with jobs tears and cone shells.  

These beautiful bracelets are going out to Hawaiian Artisans at the Coconut Market place in Kapaa. 

I just love this bracelet display.  Its wood and looks very natural.  I didn't have anything to show off my bracelets and needed a display stand.  I finally found this on Amazon.  Its perfect and sturdy to show of my creations.

This bracelet holder is affordable and easy to assemble. Just came with 3 screws. Only used 2. Easy to screw, just screw on the bottom.  If your interested to show off your creations here is the link

These are some sea shell keychains that I just added on to my etsy shop.  For local handmade gifts, check out BeautfiulHiCreations💜

Happy Aloha Wednesday! 💜