Fresh fruit and vegetable juice recipe excellent for health benefits

 Fresh fruit and vegetable juice recipe excellent for health benefits

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Carrot, apple, celery, turmeric juice

My dad recently had a lung infection.  He had liquid in his lungs. He needed to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks.  He had to go through many treatments. Like antibiotics and had to drain alot of liquid out of his lungs.  Just being in the hospital laying in bed with a bunch of needles stuck to you isn't fun at all.   After 2 weeks of being in the hospital, he got to go home but still had a hard time breathing.  He had to use an oxygen tank the hospital provided.   That was not fun either.  I had to do something to bring my dad's health back to normal. 

I did a lot of research on the internet.  I've done a lot of googling.  I've searched up natural ways to cure lung infection.  I came across juicing.  Juicing is the best healing process for any health concerns.  Only using fresh fruits, and vegetables.  I've been wanting to buy me a juicer, but I noticed my mom has a juicer that hasn't been used in years.  I remember that juicer advertisement on tv a lot.  Its called The Juiceman Jr. That's the juicer I've been using to make awesome fresh juice and it still works really great.  

The Juiceman JR juicer

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Carrots, celery, apple and turmeric


6 carrots

5 apples 

3 celery 

1 turmeric

You can always add more carrots, celery and apples.  All depend on how much your making.  I like to consume my juice within 2 days.  No longer than that because it will spoil.

Before juicing, always make sure to wash fruits and vegetables.  Removing any dirt and germs.  Cut fruits and vegetables into small slices, enough to make it fit in the juicer.  I added, carrots and apples first, saving the skin and rinds that came off from juicing. 

You can always save the skin and rinds to make another recipe.  I saved the scraps from carrots and apples to make a carrot apple cake recipe.  So much you can do with food scraps.  

Remember to add the fruits and vegetables slowly, not forcing them in the juicer, this will help the machine last longer.  Always empty out all the fruit and veggie scrap when full.  Wash the machine parts and start over.  Saving all the scraps and use it to make veggie patties, or throw it in your compost.  Worms love it.  

Its a lot of process to juice, it gets messy, but so worth every bit.  WALA!!! You've got fresh juice.  

The benefits of carrots help blood sugar levels, calcium and vitamin K.  High in vitamin C. 

The benefits of celery helps eliminate carbon dioxide. Fights inflammation, and excellent source of vitamin K, Vitamin C and potassium.  Helps detox the lungs.  

The benefits of apples has been proven to reduce lung damage caused by smoking.  

The benefits of turmeric is everything.  It such a healing herb.  It has rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.  Turmeric breaks down mucus.  

Its been about 6 months now, after my dad has been in the hospital for 2 weeks.  I've been worried for him because the doctors had to do many test on him on what was the problem on his breathing.  He had Pneumonia, liquid in his lungs.  Doctors told me he had tuberculosis. Juicing was the reason I needed to get my dads health back to normal.  The doctors were feeding him a bunch of pills, I felt he didnt need because he was getting dizzy and shaky.  Doctors were giving my dad anxiety pills.  Why??  My dad didn't need anxiety pills.  I believe my dad has a feeling where he gets anxious or nervous sometimes.  I have that feeling sometimes also, but never take any pills I dont need.  I just needed him to get off those pills and medications because he wasnt looking so good taking alot of pills and medications.  I've been making fresh juices for my mom and dad ever since my dad has been in the hospital.  Now but dad has been doing much better than ever.  He's breathing better without the oxygen. Juicing really works, and heals your body from the inside.  Drink to your health!!!💜

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