Beautiful beach day and finding island treasures

 Beautiful beach day and finding island treasures 

I just love going to the beach. Its such a good feeling to just walk on sand and get some salt water on my skin.  Salt water is so good for your skin.  Its rejuvenating and healing.   The best thing I love about going to the beach is finding beautiful island treasures.  I love to go shell picking.  I just love finding things, especially things that I can get creative with.  

Lifeless Opihi shell on sand

I found a few island treasures. I didn't find much, but I did find a lot small shells that I can make into gorgeous stud earrings and dangle earrings with seashells.  I'll be getting creative with these shells.  Pls stay updated and check back on my etsy shop for more shell creations from BeautifuflHiCreations  

I always forget to bring a bag with me while Im walking on the beach. I always know I'll find something.  Its a good thing I found this coconut shell for my seashells.  I just couldnt hold no more on my hand. 

I found this drifted bamboo on the beach.  It caught my eye because it looks like a Tiki God. I brought it home. I have this item for sale on my etsy at BeautifulHiCreations