Admiring my island beach treasures

 Admiring my island beach treasures 

Kauai Beach glass 


I have a bunch of sea glass that I've been collecting for sometime now.  I just was going through my island treasure collections and seems like I need to get my self organized.  I just have a bunch of shells, jobs tears, and sea glass in Ziploc bags, and in little Tupper ware containers. I just need to get organized.  Any suggestions?

Kauai Puka shell

I was going through my collection of Puka shells I've collected from times I've been going to the beach and just picking shells.  I had to find a perfect pair of puka shell for an order.  

Beach fashion earring 

This is the order the order that I've made with puka shell.  You can find more at BeautifulHiCreations.

Bamboo Tiki 

I found this on the beach.  It looks like a bamboo tiki structure.  I just love finding things on the beach.  Sometimes I feel like I'm a beach hoarder.  I love finding things that I can get creative with.  I have this item on BeautifulHiCreations

Driftwood creature

This driftwood almost looks like a whale or an eel.  I thought I would be able to do something with this but its not easy for me to be sanding driftwood.  It takes alot of time.  I've already tried sanding driftwood.  My sanding is all done by hand.  I dont have any fancy tools to work with.  For anyone that loves driftwood and think they can do something with this. This is a perfect DIY project.  I have this item on BeautfiulHiCreations

Another Driftwood creature

 I love this driftwood.  I had my eyes on this when I was at the beach.  I always tell myself, do I want to bring this home. I brought it home, because it looked like a special driftwood.  It almost looks like a fantasy bird creature.  Please let me know in the comment down below on what you think this looks like.  I've worked hard on this driftwood.  I did alot of sanding to smooth all the rough pieces and remove alot of dirt and debri.  This would make a beautiful wall art.  If your interested, you can find this on BeautifulHiCreations

I love the natural beauty of earth and what earth and nature provides.  

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