Papaya Yogurt bowl with Kauai Honey And Aloe

Papaya Yogurt Bowl with Kauai Honey and Aloe 

Papaya yogurt bowl with Kauai Honey, Chia seeds, and Aloe

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I always try to use things that I have around my garden. I had some ripe papaya's already in my refrigerator and decided to make a yogurt papaya bowl.  Its a perfect morning breakfast to keep you energized throughout the day. In my yogurt bowl, I used 1 ripe papaya, 1 aloe, a pinch of chia seeds, and a drizzle of Kauai Honey.  I also used 1 aloe.  Yes!, Aloe. You can eat aloe. Its so good for you.  It helps with detoxification, helps repair and builds tissues, keeps your skin glowing inside out, and perfect for weight loss. 
 Aloe is bitter if not washed and processed correctly. All you need to do is peel or cut the skin open, and scrape or fillet the clear meat out, and run or strain under water until not much slime left. Just remember, aloe is very slimy.  

Opened aloe with a knife, split the skin open

I used a spoon to scrape the clear meat out

Put the Aloe meat a strainer and run under water, removing most of the slime off.

Aloe could be eaten alone, add it to your smoothies, yogurts, or drinks.  It has lots of healthy benefits for your body.

These are the ingredients used to make my papaya yogurt bowl. 

Fresh ripe papaya from my garden.  Barely any seeds. 


Cut the papaya in half, remove all seeds.  Dice the inner fruit of the papaya, making sure not to cut the skin because you'll be using the rest of the papaya as a bowl for serving. Remove the dice papaya, put into a bowl and set aside.  
Cut the aloe in half, scaping of the clear part only.  Run the aloe meat under water using a strainer. Rinse until you feel its not so slimy. It will still be slimy but not as much.  This will take the bitterness away.  Set the aloe meat on the side. 
Mix 1 cup of yogurt with 1 tsp honey.  Mix till smooth.  Add mixed yogurt to half papayas.  Now you can start dressing your papaya bowl. Add diced or sliced papaya. Add scaped aloe. Sprinkle 1 tsp chia seeds evenly onto papaya. Garnish with mint leaves.  Ready to eat!. Enjoy.

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