Grilling outdoor using Keawe wood

 Happy 4th of July 

Hot fire on lava rocks

On special occasions or when its just to hot to cook inside of the house, we like to grill our food outside by making a fire over lava rocks and gathering up logs. We don't use a charcoal grill. We only use the natural stuff around us.  

We use whatever wood we can find.  Sometimes, we'll use guava wood. The one in the picture, we used Keawe wood. Keawe wood is also known as mesquite wood.  Its perfect for smoking dark meats.
The Keawe wood burns slowly with intense heat. Perfect for grilling meats, like steak, pork, or chicken.  Adds a really good smoky flavor.  

Have you ever used a charcoal grill and propane fuel to light up fire on your grill? 
I've seen people using propane fuel over charcoal just to get the fire started.  
I dont like that.  It makes the food taste like propane, and taste like your eating propane from the fuel. Not good at all.  That's the whole reason we like grilling naturally.  Taste the natural flavor of earth.
Please keep updated on grilling recipes and more! Happy 4th of July!😎