Broken shell art all natural from Kauai, Hawaii

Broken shell art all natural from Kauai, Hawaii

 Its beginning to be a very hot summer here in Kauai.  Sometimes I'll try to avoid the sun by staying in the house.  Its too hot to go outside.  I've had enough sunshine from the past few days. I got to go the beach, get some sun, seashells, and some swimming.  Im all sunned out. 

When Im at home, I always try to keep myself busy by doing something crafty, or I'll be getting creative in the kitchen.  Today I felt like getting crafty.  I sorted all my seashells and sea glass all found by me on Kauai's beautiful beaches.  

These are the few shells I've found in 1 day

With the shells and sea glass that I found, I made beach glass stud earrings, drupe shell stud earrings, and sea shell key chain.  

Made some tropical keychains with beach shells 

Sea glass stud earrings 

Sea shell keychain

Drupe shell stud earrings

The extra shells I dont use, I'll put it away and save it for next time.  I also sell shell supplies on etsy. I love to see what others do with there creativeness,  A few of my customers has been buying sea shells to add it in there mix are media.  Please share with me your thoughts and creativeness. 😎 Have a beautiful day!