BeautifulHi's pet animals Kat Williams, Ramboo Steve, and Nakea

 BeautifulHi's Pet Animals

My kitten Ramboo Steve

My dog Nakea

Everyone loves animals! I sure do spoil mine alot.  Every animal has there own personality and character and its so much fun and entertaining just to watch them.  Especially when there doing weird things.  My animals are always getting into something weird.  
The reason why I have my pets on here is because my older cat, Kat Williams, which I've had for over 11 years now, needs help.
My cat Kat Williams

My old cat needs help! He's been drooling alot, and all over the place.  He's an outside cat that comes in the house to eat.  But gets kicked out alot because of his drool. He drools all over the floor, on our slippers, and on our car and on Ramboo.  Not good.  He has a tooth infection that's been causing his drool.  It looks very painful. I've called the vet for pricing on my cats tooth.  They told me it will vary around $600-$1600.  I cant afford that.  I've looked for other options.  I did some research on google.  I found oral health for cats on Amazon.

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This product had alot great reviews on Amazon. It said helps to relive pain from Stomatitis, & soothes  gingivitis.  It didnt work for my cat.  Any suggestions out there?  Pls. HELP. My cat drools alot, and it smells.

Kat Williams drooling 

I got to place a store bag on the floor so he doesn't drool and make a drooling mess

Kat Williams and Ramboo Steve

They love each other and there play time but Kat gets drool on Ramboo also

Playtime for Ramboo and Kat

I love my animals and I always want the best treatment and the best food for them. Sometimes I may think package dog and cat food aren't good for them.  Sometimes I'll feed my dog home cooked leftovers.  She loves them.  I bought a big bag of dog food.  The first few days she likes them. After those few days, it seems like she got over it.  What is wrong with package dog food? It smells.