Beautiful Skies of Kauai from Mauka to Makai

Beautiful Skies of Kaua'i from Mauka to Kaua'i 

Happy Aloha Friday!!! 
Aloha, these are pictures I'd like to share. Kauai skies from Mauka to Makai.
Beautiful blue sky

Waiting for the sunset

Mini mares tail 

Beautiful sunset westside Kauai

Mauka skies

Mauka to Mauka sky

Beautiful rainbow over Kalapaki beach

Rainbow sky 

Capturing the full moon in the sky

Rainbow slowly fading away 

Makai sky 

Lots of clouds on blue sky 

cloudy sky with murky ocean water

Evening makai sky

Cloudy sky 

More cloudy sky 

Evening night sky 

Evening sky 

Beautiful Makai rainbow

Fire sunset 

Wispy clouds in the sky 

cloudy sky 

Mackerel clouds

Dark evening fire sky 

capturing the fading rainbow

Pink fire sky 

Mares cloud rays 

Eastside moonrise

Full Moon 

Makai sky 

Makai sky 

Ocean Makai sky 

Beautiful beach day nice blue sky 

Beautiful Makai day blue sky clear water

Mauka sky

Beautiful nice and blue sky 

Beautiful taro farm over looking nice blue sky 

big fat clouds in the sky 

Moon setting over Waialeale 

Beautiful westside sunset 

Fire sunset

I'd like to thank LoonyProductions for capturing all the special moments of life and nature.💗

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