Vegetables that bloom beautiful flowers

Vegetables that blooms beautiful flowers

There's so many variety of fruits and vegetables that blooms beautiful flowers. I have ginger lily flowers growing in my garden.  Summer time is here, and the flowers are going off.  They make the outside garden smell so sweet. It smells like gardenias and plumerias put together.  

Ginger lily flower

The ginger lily flower is perfect for picking and bringing inside of your home. All you need is a little bowl or flower vase, your home will be smelling sweet and fragrant from the ginger lily flower.  

For a refreshing summer drink, you could add this flower into an ice cold water as it releases its essential oils that adds a floral flavor. It would be perfect in an ice cold lemonade drink also. 😃

Roselle flower

I've been learning about the roselle plant.  Its so beautiful, almost like a hibiscus flower.  I did find out that it is related to the hibiscus plant.  The roselle plant originated from Africa, and Asia.  This type of plant stands out in the garden.  Its almost like a big bush when fully grown, but gives these beautiful red buds, and pink, reddish flowers. I like to pick the leaves straight from the garden and eat them.  They are so refreshing.  It has a citrus, tangy flavor.

Roselle Flower

Everything on this plant is edible.  The leaves and flowers could be used in salads, drink garnish, and tea.  I just like to eat the leaves raw, by itself with no dressing. Because it already has a tangy citrus flavor, there's no need for dressing.  I did try to saute the leaves with olive oil and garlic. The leaves came out brown, and didnt taste that great.  Maybe I'll try again. I would like to know if anyone has cooked with roselle flowers and leaves before.  Please share your experience.  I would love to hear from you.

Roselle buds or the calyx

The roselle buds, that's what I like to call it, also known as the calyx makes a perfect red tea.  Its so good and refreshing. Makes a perfect summer drink.  I'll grab a bunch of these, wash them, and put them in a pot of boiling water.  I like to boil my water over medium heat, then lower it down when it starts to boil. It just so you don't over cook the nutrients out.  Once you see the water has turned red, it should be done.  Sometimes when Im feeling sweet, I like to add honey.  The flavor of the tea has a slight sweet, plumish flavor.  You could enjoy this drink warm, or on ice.  Makes a perfect healthy cocktail drink.  Just add your favorite liquor.  Please keep updated with recipes.  😀  

Eggplant flower

Eggplant is a type of fruit but used as a vegetable in cooking. It is defined as a berry in botanical definition.  Eggplant is a related to the nightshades family, like tomatoes, chili pepper,  and potato.  Only the purple flesh, that has a spongy texture is edible.  Used in many Asian cuisines.  

Eggplant flower 

The flower of the eggplant is poisonous, which contains alkaloid called solanine. The flower will usually fall off the plant itself.  It only makes your garden beautiful.  

Basil flowers

I have African basil growing.  They are much milder than the Thai basil.  Every basil plant makes beautiful flowers. 

African Basil

Basil flowers are edible.  They could be used as garnish for pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, and even drinks.  Basil flowers add a decorative touch to any dish.  Basil flowers makes the perfect tea, on a cold winter night.