Beautiful day of hiking to Mauka

 Beautiful Mauka Day

I would like to share some photos of our beautiful day of hiking to Mauka

Mauka to Makai

Beautiful cloud fog in the mountain

Very cold river water 
So refreshing and reviving on a hot sunny day

These are some photos of our journey to mauka.  We try to get some weekly hikes to move our body around and see the beauty of nature.  We like to explore.  It helps self motivation and self discovery.
We like to go to mauka on a hot sunny day, to get away from heat, and cool down, with some fresh river water.  Its so awakening, Makes your body feel so much more alive.   
I like to suggest, when ever your feeling down or sluggish, it means you need some nature into your life.  Take a walk outside. Get your feet dirty.  Sweat a little or alot! Its all good for you.
While we were on our hike and exploration we came across a cow, as we were walking through the cow pasture just getting to our zone.  Nothing scary, it just kept on looking back at us.  

We also heard a scary wild boar.  It kind of made a barking sound.  I knew it was big because it was sounding loud.  We chased it away.  

During our walk on the river we caught 1 prawn.   We made a fire and ate it.  Its not that easy making a fire, specially mauka, because its so wet and moist. But we made it happen.  It was gooood.

For all those hikers and adventure seekers,  I will always suggest to never hike alone.  Many tourist like to come to Kauai, and explore, and hike, and many never come back out.  They either get lost, or hurt.  Every step is very dangerous when it comes to hiking, especially if your going up high, deep mauka.  You could slip and fall, or your foot could get stuck on a rock, or a tree stomp.  Or you could just be dehydrated and past out.  DONT EVER HIKE ALONE!!!