A beautiful day picking seashells for crafting

Beautiful sunny day picking seashells for crafting & jewelry making

Today was a beautiful sunny day to go to the beach.  My family got to swim, get sunshine, and picked some shells.  It was kinda like a work day for me, because I needed to collect more seashells for my consignment inventory.  I make handmade jewelry and bring it to Hawaiian Artisans at the Coconut marketplace in Kapa'a.  Hawaiian Artisans is a cultural gift gallery featuring Hawaiian  art, which is essential to the soul.  

Hawaiian Artisans has many different varieties of arts and crafts from many local crafters of Kauai.  From handcrafted jewelry, beautiful hand painting, to photography, and much more.  If your ever down on the east side of Kauai, be sure to check Hawaiian Artisans at the coconut market place.

Driftwood made with googly eyeballs, and broken cowrie shell made into a magent

These are a some of the seashells found to make jewelry and crafts

Driftwood with coral heart shape made into magnet 

Opihi dangle earrings with jobs tears

These are a few of my crafty items that I make on my free time. I sell on etsy and you can find my items at Hawaiian Artisans.