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These are my own personal favorites, from snacks and products of Hawaii.  Perfect gift giving for that special occasion . Give the gift of Aloha!

Favorite Snacks of Hawaii

Shredded Ika 
Shredded Ika is dried squid.  Its a perfect snack to have with beer.

Honey roasted Macadamia nuts
Perfect gift sets 

Dry roasted Macadamia nuts

Premium mix arare
Japanese style rice crackers

Li Hing Mui dried mango
Favorite Hawaiian treat

Sweet seedless dried li hing mui plum


Hawaii Pickled Mango

Hawaiian beef jerky chips
Lemon pepper flavor

Kaimana fish jerky variety sampler bundle

Hawaii assorted snack pack 

Hawaiian shortbread Macadamia nut cookies Lilikoi flavor

Kauai Kookie Guava Macadamia Hawaiian shortbread cookie

Mauna Loa milk chocolate covered Macadamia nuts

Hawaii Products for cooking 
These are my favorite cooking ingredients to use especially for grilling

Li Hing Mui plum powder
Sweet, salty, sour flavor. Goes great with anything like fruits, cocktails, poultry, etc. 

Hawaii salt pack of 3
Hawaiian Alaea red, Bamboo Jade, Black Lava 
All natural sea salts from Hawaii 

Hawaiian Sun Guava Jelly 
Makes really good sweet and savory sauces

Hawaii Famous Huli Huli Sauce

Hawaiian BBQ sauce sampler 

Hawaiian breakfast pancake mix pack

Manoa honey bears gift set with Ohia, macadamia, and Pele's gold

Products from Hawaii for skincare
Everyone loves to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.  Here are some skin care products for your skin from Hawaii. 💗 your skin.
Icy heat noni lotion
Soothes pains and sprains

Noni Lavender lotion
Promotes skin clarity

Hawaiian botanical lotion sampler gift set

Kokua sun care sunscreen
Reef safe sunscreen 

Kokua after sun serum
Boosted with Hawaiian botanicals 

Hawaiian blend Aloe Vera Gel with Awapuhi
Aloe vera gel has lots of healing benefits for skin

Hawaiian Beachcomber Budd's Pure Scented Coconut Oil

I love putting coconut oil on my skin when Im out at the beach. Makes your skin glow, keeps it moisturize and has alot of benefits for your skin.  It gets rids of scars and stretch marks. Worked for me!

Plants of Hawaii
Plants from Hawaii that has lots of benefits for you and your home

These are plants from Hawaii that I have growing around my home.  It has lots of great uses.  I only like to plant things that I can eat, use as an herb or medicinal purposes and flowers that smell really good, and makes your home colorful.

Hawaiian pink Akala Plumeria plant cutting

Grow your own Hawaiian fragrant tropical garden. These flowers are perfect for lei making.

Set of 4 Hawaiian Plumeria cuttings

You receive 1 UlaUla RED Plumeria, 1 Melele YELLOW Plumeria, 1 Keokeo WHITE Plumeria, & 1 Akala PINK Plumeria 

Hawaiian Green Ti Leaf Plant 2 logs

This is an important must have to have around your home. It protects your home from evil spirits and brings you good luck. Ti leaves has many uses.  Use for lei making, home decor, Hawaiian cooking & more.

10 live Colocacasia Esculenta taro READY to GROW Kalo

Everything is edible on this plant. Makes lau laus, lua stews, poi, and more.

Noni tree seeds Pack of 30 seeds

Noni has alot of excellent healing benefits for your body

Perennial sugarcane root stock

Having a sugar cane plant is a sweet treat to have around your home.  Its sweet and healthy. 

Books Of Hawaii
Educational books about Hawaii's History & Culture

Taro Mauka to Makai 
Guide book on growing Kalo

an Ethnobotanical Guide to Hawaiian Sugarcane Cultivators
Sugar Cane education book about the history and culture, and uses of 

Plants in Hawaiian Culture
Book education on the many uses of Hawaiian plants & culture

La'au Hawaii Traditional Hawaiian Uses of Plants

Hawaiian Herbal Medicine

This book has will give you alot of knowledge on the many uses of plants and healing benefits. Heal with nature.

Kahuna La'au Lapa'au
The practice of Hawaiian Medicine

Cook Real Hawaii 
Learn how to cook Hawaii's favorite foods

The Ohana Grill Cookbook
Gilling recipes from Hawaii

Hawaii's best local dishes
Learn how to cook Hawaii's best dishes 

Kau Kau: Cuisine and Culture in the Hawaiian Islands
Island rich history and heritage of food in Hawaii

A Taro Cookbook
Education book on how to cook Taro 

A Sweet Dash of Aloha
Learn how to bake Hawaii's favorite desserts

Hawaiian Dictionary 
Learn the Hawaiian language and Pronunciation 

Illustrated Hawaiian Dictionary 
Illustrated with drawings, learn the Hawaiian culture and language