About Me

Aloha, Welcome to BeautifulHi Blog.  My name is Joanne.  I'm born and raised on the island of Kauai. I'm a mother of 3 girls.  This is my personal blog. I'll be sharing with you my Kauai life adventures, handmade creations, my cooking recipes, beauty products, health tips, product reviews, and more. I always have my hands full, always something crazy going on.  I'm just a hot mess, and very unorganized!. I love what I do!, I'll be sharing all of these with you.  I'm into health and beauty.  Always looking for affordable options, and ways to increase my income.  I have a few platforms where I sell my creations, and beauty marketing.  All included in my blog.  You don't need drugs to get high, just be you! BEAUTIFUL!!! Now that's a BeautifulHi. 

I'm a market partner with Farmasi.  I've been using Farmasi products for 2 years now, and I love their products.  I no longer buy beauty or skincare products from the drugstore no more.  It's so much better for your skin, no harsh chemicals, only plant based ingredients.  I also save alot of money using Farmasi products.  If you love to save money, and earn more money Join Farmasi.  You can shop for products half off retail price or become a beauty influencer.  Its only $20.00 to start. Work with me and join my team, I'm here to help.